What is this new thing which we are adopting?

The change is technology and its regular evolution needs us to adapt through it and understand what good or bad it can do to us and our world. In the past few years, we came to know that the ownership of a particular system can now be distributed equally using the blockchain technology, where there are cryptos acting as a major thing for users and with it there are crypto games which allow us to earn just by playing a game.

Motive of this industry:

The invention of blockchain was not very much appreciated at first and was considered as a minor technology which will not be on mainstream. Today blockchain has become one of the most important things in several industries. People now understand that how blockchain will improve the partiality of a system that we all know very less about, with the use of this system in crypto games how one can own the assets for real and can trade them in real world for real cash.

We buy cryptos by either swapping it with other crypto or by paying real cash but when we use play to earn method, we can actually earn cryptos by just playing a game that offers cryptos or NFT as reward. Crypto games let you earn cryptos by just spending a small amount and sometimes by just entering the game for free.


Technically crypto is all about,

A digital currency that can be used as a medium for transactions such as buying and selling stuffs digitally, each coin has its own value and use case. Coins used in crypto games are also used in exchanges to trade and these currencies derive their value from the projects running behind them.

What is the possible future of these projects?

·         If a coin is used in a better project that really has some major effects on the system, then it is a good point.

·         The trust of people is also an important part of the crypto industry with a greater number of people trusting a particular project in crypto games increases the demand of that coin.

·         The fundamentals of a coin decides whether it will grow in future or not, meaning a fundamentally strong crypto project will be better option as an investment.


Where should we look for a better understanding:

We should always look for the platforms that are trusted as well as licensed to make sure the information we are getting is based on facts and are very much reliable. Tried and tested systems are very much better because of their trials and one can trust on the protocols designed by them.


I see it as a solution:

The quicker we adapt this technology the more secured we will be in the coming future and when it comes to playing the games to earn then provides you many card games that you can play to earn.




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